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Hypoglycemia questionnaire


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Hypoglycemia affects about 4% of the population.  It is a reactive condition occurring in response to sugar or sweet food consumption. It is not rare!  This is not diabetes!

Hypoglycemia means ‘low blood sugar level’.  The term is used to describe a metabolic disorder that may manifest in a variety of physical and psychological symptoms.  Try doing the following questionnaire:

Never Rarely Occasionally Usually
1.   I get tired or exhausted.
2.   I forget things easily.
3.   I feel sleepy during the day.
4.   I get down or depressed.
5.   I get down over nothing.
6.   I have trouble concentrating.
7.   I get nervous or shaky.
8.   I easily get angry.
9.   I eat or crave sweets, or once used to.
10. I awaken during the night.




Total the number of ticks in each column for RARELY, OCCASIONALLY, and USUALLY and then calculate as follows:-

RARELY:               (Total) x 1 =
OCCASIONALLY:   (Total) x 2 =
USUALLY:             (Total) x 3 =
Add together for TOTAL SCORE



Less than 8:           Hypoglycemic disease is unlikely

Between 8 to 15:   Hypoglycemic disease is possible.

Above 15:             Hypoglycemic disease is present.


If you have scored above 15 please read on for what to do next


What do I do if I think I have Hypoglycemia?

This Questionnaire has been provided by the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia in order to help health professionals and sufferers identify, diagnose and treat this condition.

Hypoglycemia affects 4% of the population.  It often runs in families and can lead to Type 2 Diabetes (Maturity Onset).

Ask your doctor to order the correct Pathology Test for this condition GTT – 4 hrs with all ½ hourly readings, not the 2 hour GTT used to diagnose Diabetes.

To interpret your result have a look at the article Testing for Hypoglycemia and how your doctor can help.

As with global warming, some health professionals are what we call Hypoglycemic Deniers.  Most doctors have little or no experience in treating this condition.  Ask your doctor this “How would you feel if your blood sugar was 2.4?”  The correct answer is awful because below 3.4mm/l the brain is starving for fuel. You feel rotten!  This is not a rare condition. Under normal circumstances the brain relies on blood glucose as its only fuel!


This website has many useful articles, newsletters and book recommendations as well as joining up information.

Did you know diagnosing Hypoglycemia and treating it correctly would save the community millions in schooling, alcohol and drug abuse, psychology and psychiatry and medicine in particular by preventing diabetes.



  1. Avoid sugar and sweet foods strictly
  2. Have a quality protein breakfast every morning eg:  2 eggs, rissoles, mince, chicken, fish – fresh or tinned, 2 chops, 80 grams minimum serve.

Best of luck in your quest for good health.


B Complex, Zinc, Chromium and Vitamin C – Ask your friendly Chemist or Health Food Store.

44 Responses

  1. Matt Bryan says:

    Is it the best idea for a website that is “Working to prevent Diabetes” is recommending a diet of: “quality protein breakfast every morning eg: 2 eggs, rissoles, mince, chicken, fish – fresh or tinned, 2 chops, 80 grams minimum serve” when type 2 diabetes is caused by intercellular lipids?

  2. Terry Harris says:

    I was diagnosed with adrenal hyperplasia or adenoma…I constantly get hypoglycemia with all the effects (shaky, etc…) Stress makes much worse. Went to Endocrinologist and he said…I just have to live with it, and I don’t agree. Need info.

  3. Tyler says:

    I did the questionnaire and received a score of 21, but I feel like these symptoms can be caused by a variety of factors…depression, anxiety, AND insomnia run in my family, and the symptoms of those correlate with these, however I notice if I don’t eat on my normal schedule or I eat too much sugar I can get shaky. Do you think it could be hypoglycemia?

  4. Ashley Kirkham says:

    I have had several episodes of hypoglycemia, usually within 30 minutes to 1 hour of eating. The first was in January and I called 911 because I thought I was dying! They tested my BG and it was 3.2. Since then I have been checking when I feel ill. I have have several low readings since. My doctor ordered a 5 hour GTT but our local lab had never heard of that and did a 2 hour test. My inital level was 4.5 and my 2 hour post 75mg glucose was 3.8. Does this help in the diagnosis? The reference range says the 2 hour post should be greater than 6.1.

  5. Alexandra says:

    Hi Matt. Last year I had a saliva test with a Naturopath. She told me I should snack in between my meals to prevent my blood sugar dropping. Since I started snacking between my meals I feel so much better, no hypo!! Before my hands would start shaking, fog brain and I would feel faint. My father had low blood sugar without having diabetes. Could it be hereditary? I do have a yearly fasting blood test as my mother is a Type 2 diabetes. My fasting blood sugar is always 4.00 and under.

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