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Link: The right diet – by prescription

The following link is to an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on February 2, 2012. The last paragraph is particularly interesting!


Australian researchers are learning how the chemical properties of food can interact with individuals to keep us healthy or make us sick.

Both of these diets were tested in the same group of overweight people. They ate the same calorie, fat and protein content. But over  two weeks the more processed diet, on the left, impaired the participants’ insulin sensitivity, putting them at higher risk of diabetes. Those on the fresher food, right, increased their insulin sensitivity.”

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  1. Shannon Hix says:

    I have hypoglycemia and low blood pressure. Ihave been eating a meat protein and cooked veggies at breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a green powder drink by Garden of Life in between. I have been doing this for 2 months and I still feel terrible. I am not including any colored rice because I have some inflammation.I am paralyzed with anxiety and severe depression. Please help.

  2. Jurriaan Plesman says:

    I suggest you see a Nutritional Doctor for proper assessment and diagnosis and testing. You may be lacking in a nutrients or suffer from allergies. Also have a look at for other factors that may affect you at:

    Silent Diseases and Mood Disorders

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