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About us

The Association is a non-profit charitable organisation providing information to its members on hypoglycemia and other nutritional disorders. The Association was formed in 1985. We recognise that Hypoglycemia is seldom found in isolation from other health problems and try to provide information about a range of related topics where appropriate.

Members receive The HYPOGLYCEMIC HEALTH NEWSLETTER in April, August and and December of each year (see How to Join if you would like to become a member). The Association holds public meetings in Sydney, Australia on the first Saturday of these months, at which experts give lectures on topics related to hypoglycemia or other nutritional disorders. These professionals give lectures to the Association free of charge. These are then reported in the Newsletter which is distributed to members. Professionals, interested parties and hypoglycemics contribute their articles to the Newsletter. There is also a section providing recipes.

Copies of Newsletters are available in many medical libraries in Australia.

It is an express policy of the Association to encourage doctors to practise complementary medicine – that is to provide non-drug treatment whenever possible and to use remedies based on scientific studies in nutritional medicine or clinical nutrition, including botanical treatment.

Following referrals from interested members and on the recommendation of patients, the Association provide Newsletters free of charge to their doctors, if they are eager to receive it. The medical education provided by the Newsletter allows both patients and doctors to discuss their treatment more profitably. Acceptance of complementary medicine in society can only be achieved through an educated patient population. Ultimately, it is medical consumers who will determine the future of medical treatment in our society.

Please see our How to Join section.

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