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President – Dr George Samra

Dr George Samra
Patron of the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia


Medical Practitioner at Total Therapies Medical Centre
Terrace 4 O’keefes Lane

Phone: 9553-0084
Fax: 9588-5290
Email: totaltherapies@hotmail.com

Universities, Boards, Colleges:

  • Completed undergraduate training at Sydney Hospital, Sydney 1976
  • Graduated University of Sydney with MB., BS 1977
  • Registered by the N.S.W. Medical Board, December 1977
  • Post Graduate Fellowship in ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental
    Medicine) August 1996


All aspects of Allergy, Nutritional Medicine, Hormonal Medicine and Environmental and Nutritional Medicine.

Author of:

  • The Hypoglycemic Connection II, One Stop Allergies, 2003
  • The Food & Disease Paradigm, Eat Right Diets, One Stop Allergies, 2003

The Hypoglycemic Connection II is a second edition of the 1984 edition, written for both the professional
and lay person. Dr George Samra describes hypoglycemia as a real disease that the medical text books have forgotten. The part of the body most affected is the brain. Hence the disorder may be found among many mentally disturbed patients. His book describes the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT), specially designed to diagnose the six types of hypoglycemia, including hypoglycia. The latter may have normal blood sugar levels in the GTT, but glucose starvation affects the brain, especially the hypothalamus, due to an abnormal copper/zinc ratio.

The Food & Disease Paradigm attempts to make both doctors and patients aware of the role of food and other allergies in the management of their illness. Over 90% of asthma sufferers are allergic to dust mite. Dr Samra suggests that drugs should only be used as a last resort. Asthma patients should be taught how to improve their environment, particularly their bedrooms, to minimize exposure to asthma triggers. He discusses at length nutritional treatment of different chronic illnesses, such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, colitis, migraine, psoriasis and even more.

Both books can be ordered at:
Dr George Samra’s books
Dr George Samra’s web site

Dr Samra has in the past been a regular on talk-back radio 2GB on the Owen Delaney Show. He has been asked to help assessing and treating prisoners at various times in the past, both at Long Bay Jail in Malabar and Parklea Prison in Parklea, as programs paid for and sponsored by the NSW prison system using nutritional skills to help prison rehabilitation.

Lecturer: Dr Samra is a senior lecturer for the ACNEM and has lectured regularly in recent years to medical practitioners training in nutritional and environmental medicine. He also regularly lectures to various charity and community organisations which seek his services.

See Dr Samra talking about Hypoglycemia, allergies and his books here:

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