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Newcastle support group

The Newcastle Branch of the HYPOGLYCEMIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA last had a meeting on Saturday 22nd September 2012 at the TORONTO LIBRARY MEETING ROOM cnr Pernell St & Brighton Ave TORONTO. Nearest Railway Station Fassifern.

The guest speaker was Dr George  Samra MB, B Sc (Syd), FACNEM and author of

The Hypoglycemic Connection

The Allergy Connection

speaking on the subject of



CONTACT PERSON, BEV COOK: 02 4950 5876 OR 0408 499 921

We have for the past 20 years enjoyed Dr. George Samra’s regular annual visits. He has been most helpful and generous with his time and expertise on all nutritional and medical matters.

In earlier years we did have monthly meetings for quite some time, then quarterly meetings with a variety of guest speakers. Jur Plesman was able to speak to our group on a few occasions, which was most enlightening. Also Don Pemberton, Clinical Nutritionist was a regular speaker, generously educating us all in nutrition for our variety of health problems. We have been robbed of his kind support since his passing away.

There were a number of other guest speakers, Naturopaths, also Herbalists, Robyn Cathcart, Silvia Goodwin, and local dieticians too. Our friend and cook book author, Sue Litchfield visited our group many times, also supplying us with rice syrup by the bucket, and her cakes and slices. Wonderful! Sadly, with some dying, others moving interstate and /or going into other fields of endeavour, our list of available guest speakers has dwindled somewhat. Combined with these facts, where our meetings were attended by 10-60 people needing support, the attendance dropped off as people were better educated in looking after their nutrition. Feeling so much better, and finding there was so much they could do in life now, and enjoying their “new lease on life” – so to speak, meeting attendances dropped off.

However, if there are a few more people in the Hunter Region needing local support for themselves or family, with nutritional problems, please contact Bev by email cookbev@hotmail.com or phone 02 4950 5876. More frequent meetings could be arranged, but it is of great help to be able to discuss ones concerns with someone having years of experience with similar problems to your own.

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