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Welcome to my website!

I wrote my first cookbook in 1985. I was tested for food intolerances only to find I was intolerant to wheat sugar and milk among other things. Paulette Weston, my naturopath at the time, very quickly picked up on the fact that I liked the challenge of adapting recipes to cope with my personal needs. However Paulette was giving my name to all her patients, as I was starting to get a few too many phone calls for recipes I decided the easiest thing to do was write a cookbook.

These days I am the treasurer of the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia and continually answering queries about Hypoglycemia and connected Allergies. Most Sunday morning I attend the local organic markets promoting my new cookbook The Allergy Connection. Both of my books are designed to help those who not only suffer from Hypoglycemia but those who are coeliac, have chronic fatigue, hypoactive children, autistic children and of course those who suffer from the common food allergies.

The books, apart from being one of the very few that specialise in recipes using no added wheat, sugar or milk, I have tried to keep at an affordable price. As with my own experience found by the time I paid for all the extra vitamin supplements etc there is not a lot left over for expensive cook book

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Sue Litchfield


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