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Looking for Complementary Health Practitioners

Find: Name, location, Names not in particular order.



One way is to google search for “complementary” or “alternative” doctors: “complementary doctor” and your “location”. If you want to add a Clinical Nutritionist (or doctor) to this list here let me know at: jur@hypoglycemia.asn.au.         See also here

AIMA – Australasian Integrative Medicine Association  –> ACNEM

Finding, Looking for Nutritional doctors

Acnem Practitioners in Australia and New Zealand (doctors with post graduate degrees)

Dr Himalee Abeya Holistic Psychiatrist in Sydney

Dr Thomas Moss  2/4-12 Waverly st Bondi Junction 2022 Phone: +612 9389 5583

Dr George Samra, 8 Derby St, Kogarah, (02) +612 9553 0084

Dr Peter Dobie, 2 New McLean St, Edgecliff  NSW 2027, Tel:  +612 9362 0493  (Near Edgecliff Railway Station)

Colette Payment, Psychotherapist, Level 3, 325 Macquarie St Sydney NSW 2000

Letitia Street Clinic at Oatley NSW 2223

Pamela Pannifex Nutritional Psychotherapist at Noosa Queensland +61416 003 026

Orthomolecular Psychiatrists around the world

Dr Mark Donohoe, Integrative Medicine & Preventive Healthcare, 4 Best Ave, Mosman NSW 2088, Phone: (02) 9960 5755

Dr Katrina Watson, 23 Vicarage Rd, Leopold 3224 Victoria (03) 5250 4873

Finding a Complement Health Practitioner at Safe Harbor.

Maria Shaflender, Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine, Nutrition Clinic see: http://www.truefoodsnutrition.com.au at BONDI,  Mobile: 0466 802 058

Nutrition Society Of Australia

Wholistic Natural Medicine at Kingsford Australia

Wholistic Medical Centre

Elizabeth Kachembere  B.Nat,DRM. Naturopath

  • 10 Pitt St Riverstone and 113 Hawkesbury Rd Westmead,
  • Phone: 1800 336 232 (Around Australia)
  • Mobile (+614) 2033 7691
  • Email: liz@ hutano.com.au

Shannon Burford ND BSc (multidisc.) BHSc (Nat.) NHAA ANTA ARONAH

Organizations, Experts and Facilities around the world 

Australian Naturopaths

Angela Hywood ND Naturopath, QueenSt Woollahra

Paul Harper ND BHSc, Bondi Junction NSW Australia

Your health.com in Manly and Melbourne Australia

Looking for Herbalists around Australia

Natural Bridge Medical Centre, Dr Margaret Buring 3540 Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd Queensland Australia,   Appointment (07) 5533 6108

Find an Alternative Mental Health Practitioner

Australia: Medical Practitioners and Doctors (Not necessarily complementary)

National Institute of Integrative Medicine

Island Health & Wellness Centre, 300 Argyle Street, North Hobart TAS 7000, Tel 613 6236 9011


Ten Ways To Make Your Doctor Into A Naturopath

Doctoralia Australia

Sydney Holistic Lifestyle Centre




Sensible Alternative Naturopathic  Clinic  in Sydney, Australia

Naturalstresscare in the Los Angelos Area, USA Acupuncture & Nutrition

American Holistic Medical Association

Center for New Medicine Irvine, CA 92618 USA

Mensah Medical Healthcare Reinvented at Ilinois USA

The Alliance for Addiction Solutions

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Duane Law at naturalstresscare consultation Phone (310) 498-2777. in Los Angelos area  (See his videos)

Dr Josh Friedman Contact https://integrativedepressionsolutions.com/contact-me/

Dr Joseph Mercola, in USA Call Toll Free: 877-985-2695 Web Site: http://www.mercola.com

Dr. John Humiston, San Diego  The Centre for Health & Wellbeing, 636 5th Ave, San Diego CA 92103  Phone: (619) 814 5500

Terry Beresford BA, MAS(HonS) Healthwise Eastwood Naturopath

The Doctor’s Medical Library Find a Physician in the US

Solon Partners Psychotherapy and nutrition in the US

 Finding Complementary Health Practitioners

In Canada in Toronto: Pam Killeen, Clinical Nutritionist

Hoffman Center in Canada

AIMA practitioners in Australia and new Zealand  –> Internet search

Indian Board of Alternative Medicine

YourHealth Practitioners in Australia

Blake Graham web site, Clinical Nutritionist at Perth, Australia

Seeking a Therapist in England

Nutritionists in the the UK


UK Nutritionists Resource

British Association for Applied and Nutritional Therapy (BANT)

British Society for Ecological Medicine

UK Genova Diagnostics for adrenal stress profiles

Practitioners of Ecological (Allergy, Environmental, Nutritional) Medicine

Dr Josh Friedman, Integrative Depression Solutions IT Communications

Psychonutritional Therapist in New York

UK Biolab Medical Unit

The Ann Shah Clinics, Surbiton, Claygate, Teddinton Nutritional Medicine

Complementary Medical Association in the UK

Dr John Briffa, Nutritional Doctor in London UK

Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine in England

Alternative Mental Health in USA and other Countries

Holistic health centres in Bangalore, India

Dr Mercola’s Natural Health Centre near Chicago USA

Alternative Doctors in the US

Consulting Julia Ross In Mill Valye, Cal

Orthomolecular Doctors in THE NETHERLANDS

Pakistan Dietetics & Nutrition Associaton

Find a Professional in Integrative Health in USA and other countries.

Hypnotherapists in England 

Human Givens Practitioners in England 

Dieticians Association or Australia

Holistic Health Net work around the world


5 Responses

  1. Bev Cook says:

    I have had many phone calls & emails from people in Australia requesting information re availability of nutritional doctors in country NSW, & other states. Not all can travel to Kogarah to have the benefit of Dr. George Samras’ expertise.Does Dr. Mark Donahue still practice nutritional medicine?
    Is there a Dr. of nutritional medicine in Melbourne? Hoping for positive answers, Bev.

  2. carol engel says:

    I live in Thornleigh.sydney.australia

    I’m looking for an orthomolecular psychiatrist.
    A long time ago we used to see Dr. Chris Reading who hs now passed away.

    Many Thanks
    Carol Engel

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