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References for Mood Disorders and Nutrition

By Jurriaan Plesman BA(Psych), Post Grad Dip Clin Nutr

For those who are interested in the nutritional aspects of mental illness, here are some more references.

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Research Evidence for Hypoglycemia

Before making any changes in your treatment discuss articles at this web site with you healthcare practitioner, doctor , nutritional doctor or therapist.

It should be noted that articles in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, that specializes in nutritional medicine are not reported in PubMed publications. Hence most mainstream medical practitioners remain uninformed about nutritional biochemistry. A similar bias against nutritional medicine is displayed by WIKIPEDIA, where orthomolecular medicine is wrongly defined as “megavitamin therapy”. See Politics of psychiatry by Dr Chris Reading at page 3. For more condemnation against Wikipedia’s bias against Nutritional Medicine see here.

About 82 articles in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine link hypoglycemia with “mental illness”. Archive of Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

22 JOM Studies linking hypoglycemia with Insulin resistance

100 JOM Studies linking depression to hypoglycemia

21 JOM Studies on Diet Crime and Juvenile Delinquency

84 JOM Studies on Alcoholism and Hypoglycemia.

22 JOM studies connecting violent behaviour with hypoglycemia.

52 JOM studies showing an association between addiction and hypoglycemia

86 JOM studies linking anxiety with hypoglycemia

Insulin resistance, hypoglycemia associated with obesity. 7 JOM studies.

Google Video of Dr Russell Blaylock lecture on “Nutrition and Behavior”

Dr Marlene Merritt 3 videos about Blood sugar

146 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining your Health by Nancy Appleton PhD

Hypoglycemia & Neurosis

Blood tests reveal that 75 percent of hyperactive, learning disabled children have hypoglycemia and/or allergies.” “Some studies had even shown that up to 75 percent of depressed people were not able to metabolize sugars properly. Dr Harvey Ross,MD believes that hypoglycemia is so prevalent that it is mandatory to consider the possibility of this disorder whenever a patient complains of depression” Hypoglycemia by Rita Elkins et al., 13

35 JOM studies on phenylalanine and depression

Insulin resistance and major depression by Scott D Mendelson Metabolic syndrome and psychiatric illness  page 50.

Various studies showing an association of vitamin D deficiency and depression in JOM archives.

Conquering Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue Without Drugs – The Role of Hypoglycemia byProfessor J HLevitt

More references (books) on Nutritional Medicine.

134,000 books on Mental Illness and Nutititrion

Research Evidence for Hypoglycemia

Google Search for Depression and Nutrition

Alternative Mental Health

Depression: a Disease of Energy Production

Abstracts on Depression and Nutrition

Web site: Anxiety and Panic Attacks and its connection to Hypoglycemia, here.

In his studies of twelve hundred hypoglycemic patients, Stephen Gyland, M.D., found that 86 percent were depressed. Source

Miscellaneous Studies associating Insulin Resistance with Mood Disorders

Hypoglycemia & Neurosis by Jonathan Christie

A critique of conventional medicine:

Medical Journals are not all it’s cracked up to be, see: Medical Journals by Dr Ian Brightope.

Death by Medicine by Gary Null at als

Gary Null – Prescription for Disaster videos

Psychiatrists’ Relationship With Pharmaceutical Companies by Thomas R. Insel

Psychiatry the fraud.

Hooked: Ethics, the medical Profession, and the Pharmaceutical Industry by Howard Brody.

Corruption in Drug Research an in Medicine by Dr Guylaine Lanctot MD.

Modern Medicine: The New World Religion by Olivier Clerc

End pharma influence on CME, says AMA journal by Janice Tanne

AMA Criticized for Letting Drug Firms Pay for Ethics Campaign by Susan Okie

How is the freedom to choose alternative therapies protected by law? By Gary P Stewart et als.

Shocking Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry by Dr Mercola

What psychiatric doctors say about psychiatry.

Dr Mercola and Robert Whitaker Discuss Mental Health (7 parts)

Google searches:

Metabolic Syndrome and Depression

Alcoholism and Hypoglycemia

Addiction Treatment by Radiant Recovery

Books on Nutritional Medicine

Why alcoholics drink?

Books by Gary Null on Nutritional Medicine

Nutrition and the Mind by Gary Null August 1994

Trace Your Genes to Health by Dr Chris Reading (Orthomolecular Psychiatrist)

Dr George Samra’s books

Correlations of the Physical Symptoms of Hypoglycemia with the Psychological Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression, Maria J Harp et al. JOM, (1990)

Dr George Samra, (2003), THE ALLERGY CONNECTION, One Stop Allergies, Sydney, Australia


The Allergy Connection, One Stop Allergies, Sydney, Australia here.

Dr Chris Reading, Ross Meillon(2002) TRACE YOUR GENES TO HEALTH, Vital Health Publishing, Ridgefield CT. Here

Werbach,M.R.(1991), NUTRITIONAL INFLUENCES ON MENTAL ILLNESS, A Sourcebook of Clinical Research, Third Line Pres, Inc.Tarzana. Cal. Here and other books written by Werbach, MR here.

Chaitow,L(1985), AMINO ACIDS IN THERAPY, Thorsons Pub. Inc N.Y.Here and Google Books.

More more miscellaneous references see here.

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