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Member story: Success at last!

By Myrna E. Oaklands, Cardiff NSW

Source: Published in The Hypoglycemic Health Association Newsletter Volume 16 No 2, June 2000.

Health books/magazines-vitamins-minerals-herbal supplements/Naturopaths-Doctors/blood tests (always normal)-allergy tests/chronic fatigue-black-outs-depression.

Does that sound familiar?

Well, don’t go away, because I have GOOD NEWS for you!

Thirty-two years ago, while living in South America, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia during the pregnancy of my second child. Little did I know then what that meant, however for the next 30 years I tried many different things and combinations to bring relief from what had become a night­mare to me and my family.

I learned to eat a diet with very low sugar and I was VERY strict, but didn’t understand the part that carbohydrates played in my diet. Upon returning to Australia, I found a great lack of understanding about the problem of hypoglycemia and in fact a denial by many medical practitioners. It was so frustrating to be told that the glucose tolerance tests showed a normal result when I knew differently but didn’t know the reason or the solution.

In March of 1999 I began to make some changes in my diet with the help of a naturo­path. Firstly, I cut out wheat and dairy prod­ucts and this brought some remarkable changes. I aimed to get my cholesterol down and get off the anti-depressant medication that I had been taking for about 2 years. By October of last year I was successful in getting off the medication and my cholesterol was coming down with the help of diet and garlic tablets. My weight also came down.

After listening to a lecture by Dr. George Samra, I had several consultations with him and adopted a new eating pattern. So now I have a low fat protein breakfast, salad vegeta­bles for lunch with some form of protein, cooked vegetables or cereal and nuts for tea.

Fruit should be restricted to two pieces per day, never more than one at any time and always with some other food, preferably pro­tein. Dr. Samra suggests eating 6 small meals, stressing the importance of eating every 2-2.1/ 2 hours.

Keeping a food diary also helped identify problem foods. I have benefited from cutting down on the amount of carbohydrate I eat at any meal and try not to eat some carbohy­drates (e.g. potates, corn pasta) two days con­secutively. It has been a challenge but the benefits far outweigh any disadvantages. My health has improved and I have good control now, thanks to the remarkable program out­lined by Dr. Samra.

3 Responses

  1. Grace says:

    “It was so frustrating to be told that the glucose tolerance tests showed a normal result when I knew differently but didn’t know the reason or the solution.”

    This is what I’m passing through right now. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Rosie Hurley says:

      It is so good to read your letters. I have had this condition most of my adult life and at present I am going through a bad patch. So I have referred back to the Association and Dr Samra’s advice. I find a good snack food in quinoa. It’s high protein and I have it with rice milk and walnuts. I live in Canberra is their anyone in Canberra who has hypoglycemia and
      wants to share information. I have a wonderful Naturopath who has helped me for several years. A couple of months ago I got a stomach bug and that threw me. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  2. Jane says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with a Hypoglycemic condition, which has totally turned my life upside down in
    the last six weeks. I had blood test that showed nothing, or that what they said! and was told to go home
    & rest! I then went to a naturopath who diagnosed part of my condition, and was told by my employer that
    they wouldn’t except a naturopaths medical certificate, so we are still in the dark ages!
    I search around very calmly over a number of days, with my employer still bugging me, and by chance I
    discovered a Dr who is a trained naturopath. He hit the nail on the head in less than 24 hour, that was a
    fortnight ago, I’m still struggling with some of the ups and down, but I now understand what is wrong with
    me. I’m looking for other ideas as snake food to carry with me other than nuts!
    Many thanks for the above story

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