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Committee members

Dr George Samra
President of the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia

John P Natoli
Secretary of the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia

Sue Litchfield
Treasurer of the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia

Jurriaan Plesman
Honorary Editor of the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia web site

Other Association members of note include:

Bev Cook
Coordinator of the Newcastle Support Group

Josie Vendramini
Publicity Officer

Sue Ridge
Newsletter editor

Alex Rush
Facebook group administrator

Taylor Pallaton

Nicole Samra

The Association is grateful for the free auditing of our accounts by Michael Pendlebury, of Michael Pendlebury Pty Ltd, Baulkham Hills Sydney. He can be contacted at clientservice@pathwayfinancial.com.au

Past Committee members

Being a voluntary organisation there have been many members who have played crucial roles in the Association. It is and still is dependent on volunteers willing to give some free time to the cause of the Association. We will always remember them as remarkable personalities. Here we will just name them:

  • Margaret Abrahams (Treasurer)
  • Fred Bewes (Once Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Maureen Bewes
  • Frank Brown (Probation and Parole Officer)
  • Susan Choc
  • Kerrie Cook (Treasurer)
  • Betty Coulton
  • Lorraine and Richard Dabbs (Printing of Newsletters)
  • Dr Peter Dobie (President)
  • Steve Duff
  • Helen Durick
  • Geoff Goninon (President)
  • Lynne Grady (President)
  • Reg Grady
  • Ted Grant
  • John Grundy
  • Martin Harris
  • Andrew Jacobs
  • Jenni Jacobs
  • Babs Lamont (Treasurer)
  • Derek Milham
  • Mary Page
  • Harry Rogers (President)
  • Nicole Samra (Temporary Secretary)
  • Bob Sharp
  • Elaine Sharp
  • Joy Sharp
  • Patricka Sheiles
  • Peggy Smith
  • Jack vand der Mark
  • Dr Katrina Watson (Secretary)
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