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Jurriaan Plesman

Jurriaan Plesman
BA (Psych), Post Grad Dip Clin Nutr
Honorary Editor of the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia website


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I went to live in Paris after having endured five years of German occupation in Holland, where I was born. I migrated to Australia in 1950 and upon arriving explored this vast continent by travelling around in a tent and working on farms or factories wherever the opportunity arose. I settled in Sydney working as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital and then studied for my matriculation, then two years of law and then switched over to psychology at the Sydney University. During these hard times I worked at my day-time job in the Public Service, at night as photographer, attending lectures and studying for my degree. I majored in psychology and education in 1974. Without the support of my wife Angela, who also was working as well as providing a home, it would have been difficult to raise a family and buy an apartment at Bondi Beach.

Following my graduation, I joined the NSW Probation and Parole Service, and specialized in the problem of alcohol- and drug addiction. It was during this time that I became aware of the metabolic aspect of alcoholism, drug addiction and other abnormal behaviour.

My philosophical approach to the rehabilitation of offenders was not entirely in agreement with the policies of the department. This was clearly explained in Dr Jay Harley’s book “Where Two Ways Meet: Probation and Parole Services in New South Wales – Their organisational history and development” in pp 228-2

I was much influenced by the works of Dr Chris Reading, Orthomolecular Psychiatrist in Sydney, by Dr Alexander Schauss in the US and my friend Don Pemberton, Lecturer of Biochemistry (who unfortunately has since passed away). I would like to specially mention Dr George Samra with whom I had a good working relationship and who supported me through some difficult times. In the Corrective Services Department there was considerable scepticism about nutritional influences on behaviour. So I obtained a Post Graduate Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the International Academy of Clinical Nutrition. At this time, I met Dr George Samra, who was also interested in nutritional medicine. He helped me providing medical evidence in support of my court reports and this enabled many offenders to obtain proper nutritional and psychological treatment in my group therapy classes.

My experiences as a teacher of clinical nutrition and psycho-therapy are reflected in my book:

Getting off the Hook

available at most libraries and from Google.

I, as one of he founding members,  have held several positions within the Hypoglycemic Health Association since it was founded: President and Secretary, but my main role was editor and research officer in the preparation of the articles and editor of the Hypoglycemic web site. Now that I am retired I am still updating research relating to mood disorders and nutritional disorders and participating in web pages such as Facebook: “Mental Illness and Nutrition”.

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