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Secretary – John P Natoli

John P Natoli
Secretary of the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia

I am a tax accountant who operates two offices. One in Drummoyne, the head office, and the other at Fairfield. I have four tax accountants in my firm and 11 support staff. I obtained my degree in Bachelor of Economics from Sydney University majoring in accounting and business law in 1977. My background is therefore of a business nature, yet I am interested in health issues.

Geoff Goninon (our past President) has been a friend of mine for nearly 25 years and he has shown to me that even though you may be qualified in a profession like accountancy or engineering, you can also educate yourself in other areas and health is a major area that I believe we should all have correct knowledge. After all what is wealth without health. I wanted to devote some of my time to the activities of the Association.

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