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Member story: Success at last!

By Myrna E. Oaklands, Cardiff NSW Source: Published in The Hypoglycemic Health Association Newsletter Volume 16 No 2, June 2000. Health books/magazines-vitamins-minerals-herbal supplements/Naturopaths-Doctors/blood tests (always normal)-allergy tests/chronic fatigue-black-outs-depression. Does that sound familiar? Well, don’t go away, because I have GOOD NEWS for you! Thirty-two years ago, while living in South America, I was diagnosed with

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Member story: How I discovered I had hypoglycemia

By Babs Lamont, Bowral Source: Published in The Hypoglycemic Health Association Newsletter Volume 15 No 4, December 1999. My mother had tobacco poisoning whilst pregnant with me, the result of working in a tobacco factory. She has never smoked. At six months my very existence was threatened with an abortion. Her kidneys failed. She e was

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